Buying or Selling Property Near East Haven, CT?

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Buying or selling property is stressful, and you want to make sure you have all of your bases covered during the course of a real estate transaction. One important step is scheduling environmental hazard testing to make sure that hazardous waste isn’t hiding on or near your property.

Call Evergreen Environmental Solutions, LLC to make an appointment. We offer environmental hazard testing services in the East Haven, CT region, including soil sampling. Schedule a free consultation now.

3 phases of environmental hazard testing

When you’re transferring ownership of property, environmental hazard testing is often required. When you hire Evergreen Environmental Solutions, we’ll examine the outdoor areas of your property thoroughly. There are three important phases of environmental hazard testing:

  1. We’ll collect background data about the property, such as permits and aerial shots.
  2. We’ll use soil sampling, ground water sampling and other general testing techniques to determine if there are serious health risks on or near your property.
  3. If our tests show signs of hidden issues, we’ll move on to the remediation phase.

Count on us to catch any issues and take the best course of action. Call Evergreen Environmental Solutions today to schedule environmental hazard testing in the East Haven, CT region.